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Fathering Magazine

Fatherhood is a man's most important work

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Dads Are Important: A True Story of What Fathers Do
Jack Kammer's story shows us how fathers affect the lives of teenage boys.

Route 301
It was another time and a smaller world. The Sixties hadn't started. We kids lived in rural isolation, knowing nothing of the growing tumult in the Middle East, of which we had never heard, or of the coming war in Asia, where some of us would die

FatherMag.com | Child-support | Divorce | Child-custody
Divorce, child custody battles and child support are the dark side of fatherhood. A myriad of statistics and research confirm the importance of keeping fathers involved with their children.

Father and Daughter Poems and Articles
The best poems and articles about father-daughter relationships and thumbnails of the photos.

Bagged Terror
A photo was supposed to identify, he said. This one wouldn't. One black bag was like another. No, he said. And that was that. Or should have been.

Father and Son Poems and Articles
The best poems and articles about father-son relationships, how we can raise strong sons with a sense of integrity, and thumbnails of the photos.

At the Circle's End - FatherMag Fiction
A killer disease has struck, causing rapid aging and death for all adults. One man finds himself to be the only adult who isn't getting older with the rest, in a world soon to be populated only by children.

Legal System
American justice, our legal circus. We are told that the jury finds the truth. No doubt it does sometimes, as a drunk driver finds a telephone pole. But, should the truth come out, the jury can offer a persuasive defense: It wasn't on purpose.

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The on-line magazine for men with families.

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Featured Poem:
Jack's Dancing in the Surf
Father Daughter Poems, Father Son Poems

Book Review:
Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome
Separated from your children? People who have been there warn: Don't allow separation to become alienation.

Legal System Critique:
The Case for Father Custody
Here is the classic Daniel Amneus piece that made the case for fathers getting custody of their children. "It is fatherhood which makes childhood possible."