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Fathering Magazine

Fatherhood is a man's most important work

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I'm not sure what it is about siblings, but somewhere along the way some of us find it difficult to love each other like we love our friends.

Father's World
Of all the objects of my childhood, these are the ones that represent my dearest childhood memories of spending time with my father.

Competition: Size Isn't Everything
Men constantly strive to best each other, to get one up on the next man. And if this compulsion is not softened, it creates hard edges on relationships that last a lifetime.

Daughters: Dragonflies
Erin is almost eight and, for now anyway, is still Daddy's Little Girl.

Raising Junior: Practical Uses for Children
You don't care that a cuddly meat puppet will make your life more complete; you want to know how Junior will make your life more productive. Well, listen up, Alphas. This father of three has the answers.

I knew going into this fatherhood thing that it would be difficult and that I would make mistakes. However, I never knew how right I could be.

Sex and Inflation: the Declining Value of Abuse
Time was, an abuse allegation had some value. But that was before everyone had lots of them, and inflation had set in. After all, masturbation is self-abuse, and look where that's ended up.

Bully Charge!
For the victim of bullying or cyber bullying, the experience of being singled out and picked on can turn into an ever more emotionally devastating downward spiral, and the experience of power felt by a bully can also become a dangerous emotional high that pushes him or her to more extreme behavior.

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The on-line magazine for men with families.

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Featured Poem:
Jack's Dancing in the Surf
Father Daughter Poems, Father Son Poems

Book Review:
Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome
Separated from your children? People who have been there warn: Don't allow separation to become alienation.

Legal System Critique:
The Case for Father Custody
Here is the classic Daniel Amneus piece that made the case for fathers getting custody of their children. "It is fatherhood which makes childhood possible."